Pure Allure Locking

The ideal PVC floor for any environment

Are you looking for a durable floor with a look that has that real wood look? Choose the Pure Allure Locking. Environmentally friendly and original materials. A unique floor that is applicable even in wet areas, such as your bathroom or kitchen with a guaranteed lifetime warranty, which design would you choose?

pvc flooring A sustainable choice. The boards are durable and environmentally friendly produced from pure original materials and are fully recyclable. The lifetime warranty says everything about the durability and quality of these floors.

pvc flooring Attractive, comfortable, Pure Allure Locking is available in no less than twenty different wood designs with a brushed or synchronous structure to the appearance of a real wood.

pvc flooringSimple Thanks to the easy snap adhesive and free floating explains the convenience of this wonderful product. If the surface of your is floor hard and flat, then you will need no underlay!!

pvc flooringPVC flooring Ideal for humid rooms such as bathrooms and basements as Pure Allure Locking is 100% waterproof!

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